We empower the world to reach climate neutrality, one country at a time.

Our mission is to empower countries with innovative education programs, break-through technologies and reliable capital to meet and exceed national climate, clean energy and sustainability goals, customized to the needs of each country.

How do we do it?

To fully address climate change and truly enable countries to achieve and exceed their climate goals, we have established three pillars of change to provide countries and communities with the necessary resources and initiatives to build a vibrant and more sustainable future.

Our Three Pillars of Change:

Community-Focused Solutions


True change starts with communities & individuals.

Cooperation and

When we work together, everyone wins.

Ground-Breaking Technologies

We are at the forefront of technology & innovation.


We are giving countries the necessary tools to reach climate neutrality and holistic sustainability faster.

EarthFund Global (EFG) empowers countries to rapidly scale and track climate goals through deployment of cutting-edge technology, innovative capital, and philanthropy in order to reduce carbon emissions for a healthier planet and people. To put it simply:

  • Countries need specialized solutions. We focus on one country at a time.
  • We have a limited amount of time to make the changes needed for a better, more livable future.
  • A crucial step to these changes is 100% renewable energy. We are making this possible.
  • We deploy best-in-class breakthrough clean technology solutions to build new projects faster and to help countries track their progress towards climate goals.
  • We help local organizations meet their needs now through education, creating new jobs, and community outreach.


Ready to get involved?

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