Our Mission

Earthfund brings quick and efficient change.

We are empowering the world to reach climate neutrality, one country at a time.

Our mission is to empower countries with innovative education programs, break-through technologies and reliable capital to meet and exceed national climate, clean energy and sustainability goals, customized to the needs of each country.

How do we do it?

To fully address climate change and truly enable countries to achieve and exceed their climate goals, we have established three pillars of change to provide countries and communities with the necessary resources and initiatives to build a vibrant and more sustainable future.

Our Three Pillars of Change:

Community-Focused Solutions


True change starts with communities & individuals.

Cooperation and Partnerships

When we work together, everyone wins.

Ground-Breaking Technologies

We are at the forefront of technology & innovation.

How we fund our mission:

In order to meet the needs of an entire country, we partner, fund, and collaborate with governments, private companies and non-profit organizations and NGOs.

Where does my donation go?

Country-specific NGO’s (assist local communities): 40%

Strategic impact investment in start ups: 30%

Fiscal sponsor 501c3 & Administrative fundraising/ outreach: 30%

Ready to get involved?