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Why Greece?

The European Union (EU) has committed itself to climate change adaptation strategies and innovations with its Green Deal.
The EU’s efforts are focused on building the economy in a sustainable way, and we seek to collaborate, so as to bring our expertise, innovation and funding to accelerate these efforts.
Not only is the current EU policy centered on climate change adaptation, renewable energy, and sustainability, but Greece and the current Prime Minister have established a strong focus on climate solutions.
The Country’s National Climate Committee is looking for innovative solutions to solve the environmental issues that they, and the world, face today.
Due to our wide-ranging and far-reaching network in Greece throughout all sectors, including Government, NGOs and the Energy Industry, we at earthfund intend to work together, in tandem with the Country’s efforts, to create a holistic, cooperative, innovative and consistent country-wide solution for Greece.

Quick Facts about Greece:

  • The country’s total population is over 10 million
  • 3,154 million live in Athens, and 811,000 in Thessaloniki
  • In recent years, Greece has committed fully to ambitious climate goals, including the increase in the share of renewable resources to 35 percent by 2030

Our goals in Greece:

Earthfund Greece
Empower Greece to exceed its climate and sustainability goals.
Mount Olympus
Mount Olympus
Work with the Greek Government, the EU, NGOs, International Organizations, Greek Foundations and Greek civil society to create sustainability and climate solutions based on the country’s needs and align these solutions with the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.
Earthfund Greece
Support and partner with Greek non-profits and technology initiatives that promote sustainability and clean energy and aid in progress towards Greece’s climate goals.