Community-Focused Climate Solutions

We believe that true change starts with communities and individuals. They are the most vulnerable to climate change, but they are also the heart of building a better future. Because of this, we at EarthFund have made communities our primary focus.

We take a country-by-country approach with customized, targeted solutions to meet the needs of each country and local community. We are focused on becoming a key solution for the EU’s Green Deal, adhering to the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, with a goal to eventually build sustainable, smart countries all around the world.

Due to our extensive network, the government’s ambitious goals to take their coal plants offline by 2028, and the country’s unique position as the origin for many of human society’s greatest innovations, we are starting in Greece.



Sustainable Learning through Art
for Future Generations

  • Immersive virtual educational experience in partnership with schools in the US and Greece with virtual immersion, modules and videos.
  • Focus areas: ocean conservation, renewable energy, planting forests.



Culture and Heritage

  • We help fund research to measure the impact of climate change on archaeological sites and their preservation.
  • We promote sustainability and diversity in fashion and entertainment in Greece through press and community outreach events.


Deploy solutions which demonstrate the
Country’s commitment to clean energy.

In Greece, we will work with the National Climate Committee to determine the best locations to install small solar energy projects.

  • We will partner for these projects with 501c3 Solar Head of State.
  • Buildings could include the Parliament building and hospitals that are fighting COVID-19.